Current Events

Current Events

Stay updated on the Ocean Grove Beach Foundation’s ongoing projects, events, and community initiatives to enhance the beach experience for everyone.

Construction of Two Junior Lifeguard Boats

The Ocean Grove Beach Foundation is setting sail on an exciting venture to construct two brand new Junior Lifeguard boats. Once funded, these boats will be launched in the controlled waters of Fletcher Lake, providing a safe environment for junior lifeguard training.

We collaborated with Neptune to build a boat ramp as part of the bulkhead project on Fletcher Lake, ensuring a seamless launch for our boats.

Join us at the Ocean Grove Winter Social Fundraiser. All proceeds will be used to to support the success of this important project!


The Ocean Grove Beach Foundation proudly offers an annual scholarship In honor of former Ocean Grove lifeguard John Jackson. This award is presented to a lifeguard demonstrating exceptional performance, leadership, financial need, and a commitment to furthering their education, empowering Ocean Grove Lifeguards in their pursuit of higher education.

Explore the Scholarship Criteria and learn about past winners who embody the spirit of excellence.

Boardwalk Gardens

At the Ocean Grove Beach Foundation, we take pride in beautifying the heart of our community—the area around and behind the Beach Office. Annually, we engage in planting and beautification efforts to create a visually stunning environment. This touch of beauty, often unnoticed, adds to the unique charm of Ocean Grove.

Beach Clean Ups

Be a part of the Ocean Grove Beach Foundation’s commitment to a cleaner, safer beach. Join us for the Annual Beach Clean Up Day* where we provide gloves and garbage bags for everyone eager to contribute. Together, let’s ensure the Ocean Grove beach remains an uplifting experience for all.

*2024 date to be determined