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Beach Safety Tip #2

Beach Etiquette

1 – Obey the lifeguards at all times. Don’t crowd around their location or distract them. Keep the area in front of the lifeguard stand

     clear all the way to the water.

2 – Plant your umbrella in the sand properly. Lightweight cheap models do not hold in wind. When the wind picks up, umbrellas

    become dangerous flying objects. Take them down for the safety of all.

3 – If you want a prime location arrive early. Don’t crowd people who arrived before you.

4 – Keep your music to yourself; that’s what headphones are designed to do.

5 – If you have to talk on the phone, keep the conversation private and don’t broadcast on speaker.

6 – If you dig a hole, fill it in before leaving. People walk the beach at night and can walk into a daytime excavation.

7 – Carry on, carry off. Don’t leave your trash behind. In fact, if you see trash, be kind and carry it off.

8 – Don’t feed the seagulls. They will mob you from all over the beach. AND they will leave” presents” for all who are around you.

9 – Tents block the view of the water for other patrons. They should always be in the “back” row.

10 – Keep game playing (paddleball, tossing or kicking balls, etc.), and skim boards away from crowds.

11 – Think about those around you when you spray lotions and tanners, or shake sand from a beach towel. Those downwind will be




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Beach Safety Tip #1

How to Plant a Beach Umbrella

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