Achievements to Date

Achievements to Date

At the Ocean Grove Beach Foundation, our shared efforts have resulted in meaningful accomplishments that directly impact the Ocean Grove community.

Here’s a snapshot of what we’ve accomplished together, making a lasting impact on Ocean Grove’s beachfront experience…

Promoting Lifeguard Excellence and Safety

  • We’ve acquired essential lifeguard equipment including a rescue and racing paddleboard, an Australian Surfski, boat trailers, oars, winter boat seats, a Junior Lifeguard enclosed trailer, beach entry mats, and more. By having access to this equipment daily, our lifeguards can enhance their fitness levels and water rescue skills, ultimately contributing to safer beaches for us all. For example, many successful and physically challenging rescues have been made possible through the use of paddleboard training and preparation.
  • The OG Beach Foundation has provided one-man Lifeguard stands and a new lifeguard shed, enhancing operational efficiency and safety measures for the benefit of both lifeguards and beachgoers.
  • The Foundation facilitated the participation of 5 Ocean Grove Lifeguards in the USLA Nationals competition, showcasing our commitment to lifeguard training and excellence.

New Lifeguard Boats

We’ve donated 3 lifeguard boats, including a Self-Bailing Asay Surfboat utilized for Nationals competition. These vessels are more than equipment; they symbolize our commitment to ensuring lifeguards have the best tools for representing Ocean Grove’s excellence.

Revitalizing the Iconic OG Pier

The Foundation contributed $12,000 towards the reconstruction of the OG Pier in collaboration with the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association. Our successful “Cheer the Pier” fundraiser is a testament to the collective spirit and generosity within our community.

“Samvincible!” – Supporting Our Lifeguards

We played a pivotal role in fundraising for spinal injury support, notably aiding Sam Jarmer, a lifeguard facing a tragic spinal cord injury. The Ocean Grove Lifeguards’ active participation in the DeSatnick Foundation ‘Around the Island Row’ showcased our community’s commitment to making a positive impact.

Enhancing Beach Amenities

  • We installed 6 new Shower Towers, providing beachgoers with a refreshing way to rinse off after enjoying the sand and surf.
  • We collaborated with the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association to establish a filtered water fountain and filling station by the Lifeguard shed, ensuring everyone on the boardwalk has access to clean, chilled water.
  • We created a stamped concrete patio by the beach office, providing a picturesque spot for relaxation, conversation, and seaside enjoyment—a shared space for our community to gather.
  • We shared the cost of the pavilion flagpole with the Ladies Auxiliary, reinforcing community collaboration and unity.
  • We contributed to the installation of a sprinkler system on Main Ave to support Ocean Grove Beautification group efforts.
  • We replaced and improved the volleyball posts and nets.

These achievements are not just milestones! They are testaments to the positive impact we collectively make on the Ocean Grove beachfront, protecting a shared space where safety, enjoyment, and community spirit thrive throughout God’s square mile!

These achievements are not just milestones; they are testaments to the positive impact we collectively make on the Ocean Grove beachfront—a shared space where safety, enjoyment, and community spirit thrive on God’s square mile!