Ocean Grove Beach Foundation

Ocean Grove Beach Foundation

guardian of our beloved beachfront and a catalyst for positive change…where sun, sand, and community spirit thrive!

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Join Us at our cozy Winter Social, Annual Golf Outing, or 1st Annual Bowling Tournament. Each event is a celebration of our community’s unique spirit.

About Us

Our Mission and Current Projects

Learn more about our mission to enhance the Ocean Grove beachfront experience. From constructing Junior Lifeguard boats to beautifying our beaches, we’re committed to nurturing this Coastal Haven preserving a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

Celebrating Achievements To Date: See the Impact of Our Efforts

Discover our achievements over the past decade, including supporting lifeguards during times of need, contributing new boats and equipment, and revitalizing iconic Ocean Grove landmarks.

Resources for Beach Lovers

Explore Beach Safety Tips, Ocean Grove Pier Cam, and Tides and Surf Reports

For beach enthusiasts and safety-conscious visitors, we provide valuable resources to make your time by the shore enjoyable and secure.

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Donate to Sustain Our Coastal Oasis

Your support makes a difference. Contribute to the Ocean Grove Beach Foundation and play a vital role in preserving the charm and safety of our coastal oasis.


Get your limited edition 10th Anniversary Sweatshirts a cozy way to wear your Ocean Grove pride and support our campaign to purchase two new boats for Junior Lifeguard training.

Thank you for being a part of our community and supporting the enduring beauty of Ocean Grove. Together, we shape the future of our cherished beach.